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arrested again on 12 new charges. inside syria-- charissa ward takes us to an underground hospital where rebels, wounded by assad's army, are treated in secret. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. no white house has ever overruled a safety recommendation we the food and drug administration but it happened today. the question was whether the morning after pill, an emergency contraceptive, should be available over the counter to girls 16 and under. today, the f.d.a. was ready to say yes but the president's secretary of health and human services said no. wyatt andrews has our story. >> reporter: for five years, plan b, the emergency contraception drug, has only been sold without a prescription to women 17 and older. the issue is should that be changed? and the drug made available with no prescription to younger girls. when the f.d.a. looked at safety studies, it said yes. but it was directly overruled by kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services. her denial stunned many public health proponents. >> i am f
car bombings in damascus. clarissa ward goes inside syria oed meets the rebels plotting to overthrow the regime. mark strassmann on today's new smart cars that can stop themselves to prevent crashes. and steve hartman's "on the road" with santa's toughest challenge. >> santa, for christmas i want my dad to come home. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. th >> pelley: good evening. no holiday tax increase. after a week-long standoff, the senate, house, and president came together on a two-month extension of the temporary cut in social security payroll sexes. a year ago, that tax rate was lowered from 6.2% to 4.2%. and for a lot of families, that comes to about $80 a month. house republicans wanted a longer extension and they threatened to let the tax cut expire if they didn't get their way. but today they backed down and the president was quick to grab his pen. sharyl attkisson has been covering from the capitol to the white house. >> i said it was critical for congress not to go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million working ame
first-hand look at the revolution aimed at syria's bashar al assad. the protesters have a message for him. >> leave now. you've got enough of our blood. >> pelley: the postmaster general delivers a bundle of bad news. nancy cordes reports it includes slower mail and thousands of jobs lost. a woman is raped and then forced to marry her attacker. mandy clark on a case raising calls for justice. and byron pitts with the story of the u.s. versus haiti. opponents on the soccer field with an astounding bond of brotherhood. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. their voices are not heard; their funerals are not seen. a revolution is under way to end one of the world's longest- running dictatorships, but we don't know the facts because the government of syria keeps reporters away from its brutal crackdown. tonight we have a rare look inside. since spring, thousands of syrians have been demanding the end of the 40-year dictatorship of the assad family. the u.n. estimates that since the uprising began, syrian forces have kille
changed have come to syria. its people are taking to the streets calling for the dictatorship to end. it's more than 40 year rule. clarissa is one of the western journalists to see the fighting firsthand. >> for month, this is what is seen of the revolution in syria. cell phone video of demonstrations met with bullets from security forces. to meet the people holding those cell phones, we entered the country as tourists, carrying only a small camera. an opposition activist. she insists on using her real name. the regime already knows who she is. she isn't hiding to avoid arrest. >> are you scared? >> who is not? but we have to continue. we decided to start our revolution. this is what we have been dreaming of long time ago. >> she took us to the suburb of duma. to the funeral of a 16-year-old boy these people say was shot by security forces that have protested the day before. men and women poured in by the hundreds. their grief tinged with defiant. >> this is real, okay? if you come, you will see real bodies. they are not strong. they are real bodies. >> they want international mili
. >> thanks. >> glor: the white house today condemned syria for intensifying its attacks on protesters. syria's president, bashar al- assad has promised to stop the killings and international monitors have traveled to syria to ensure he keeps his word. but elizabeth palmer reports tonight in one city, homs, not much has changed. >> reporter: with arab league observers on the way to homs this morning, syrian tanks began pulling back from positions they've held for weeks. but when the team hit the streets, the violence hadn't stopped. this cell phone video shows a political activist urging one of the observers "come, come and see in that street over there, snipers." but in the background, there are the sounds of gunfire and the man refuses to go. we managed to get in touch with an activist in homs who was monitoring the observers' progress. we're concealing her identity for her own safety. >> reporter: in a nearby suburb, thousands who couldn't get close to the arab league observers instead joined a huge funeral march for an elderly man activists say was shot by government forces this morning.
of the attacks in nigeria. in his annual christmas day message, the pope called for an end to violence in syria. >>> in west bank town of bethlehem, hundreds attended christmas mass. the holy city saw an increase in visitors this year. an estimated 100,000 tourists were there. >>> in iraq this morning, six people were killed. the bomber struck during this morning's rush hour. over 30 others were wounded. the attack followed a wave of explosions last week that killed over 70. the group that calls itself anonymous says it hacked a i think tank over the holiday. they claim they stole the personal information from stratfor, a texas-based firm. clients include apple, the miami police department and u.s. air force. the department of defense told cbs news there has been, quote, no impact on pentagon networks. >>> a christmas tragedy in texas. seven members of one family were found shot to death. police say it was murder and suicide and happened after they finished opening presents. selena hernandez of ktvt, our station in dallas-ft. reports. >> reporter: the merriment of the holiday was overshadowed b
in syria. human rights groups say bashar al-assad's troops have killed more than 100 defecting soldiers and activists this week near the turkish border. cell phone video posted on the internet provides our only glimpse inside syria. despite the bloody crackdown, thousands continue to protest throughout the country. today, the white house said once again it's time for assad to go. it is a cinematic masterpiece, and now a piece of history from "citizen kane" has sold at auction. that's next. >> pelley: america's retailers are getting what they wanted for christmas-- new numbers out today show that holiday sales are better than expected, up 2.5% from last year. online sales alone total $32 billion so far, and that's 15% more than a year ago. also on the way up is our weight, and that has forced the u.s. coast guard to cut the number of people allowed to be carried on ferries. the time was the average passenger weighed 160 pounds, and in washington state, most of the puget sound ferries could carry 2,000 people. but now passengers average 185 pounds, so capacity on those same boats has been
, inside syria. clarissa ward travels to meet syrian army defectors who refuse to fire on their own people. >> reporter: we left at night and were blindfolded in the backseat as the car twisted along dark back roads outside of damascus. >> pelley: the battle for iowa. our new poll tonight finds newt gingrich opening a wide lead. dean reynolds is there. in the investigation of a hazible death by hazing, florida a&m defends itself but anna werner speaks to the victim's parents. and the final days. jim axelrod is with american soldiers as they get ready to leave iraq. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. dozens of bodies, some decapitated, others dismembered, have been dumped in the streets of one syrian city. the violence in the syrian rev lyings in hitting new heights as the obama administration increases the pressure tonight on the dictatorship of bashar al-assad. today they buried the dead in the city of homs as many as 60 civilians were apparently kidnapped and murdered in the last two days. in geneva, secretary of state h
to this final deal. >>> syria's capital is rocked by violence for the first time in nine months of protests as two deadly car bombs go off outside security offices. >>> wall street picks up good speed before christmas. housing and consumer spending, we'll look at the numbers and see if the rally will continue in the new year. >>> and snow in new mexico and the northeast means trouble for holiday travelers while parts of georgia clean up after serious storm damage. we'll check the holiday forecast and find out who's having a white christmas early this friday morning, december 23rd, white christmas early this friday morning, december 23rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> final countdown is on to the big holiday weekend. no snow yet here in new york. good morning to you, i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm jim axelrod. >>> payroll tax cut just in time for christmas. agreeing to extend the tax cut for two more months. >> the deal will head off a tax increase that would have been implemented for the 160 million american workers next month. sharyl attkisson is live in washington. >> this morning was a
for an end to the bloodshed in syria, where 5,000 people have been killed in pro-democracy confrontations this year. later, the vatican condemned a christmas bombings in churches in nigeria. charlie dageda has the latest. >> reporter: the bomber struck as worshippers gathered for christmas mass-- families, children in their sunday best. at least 35 people were killed and 50 injured in one bomb blast alone. >> you can see so many families gone. the whole households gone. >> reporter: the emergency crews struggled to cope with the number of victims. st. theresa's was the worst hit. the nigerian authorities reported five bombings, including three churches and a government security building. it might have been even worse. the military spokesman says police caught some attackers with unexploded bombs. boco haram, the al qaeda group, claimed responsibility for the bombings, and local christian residents promise revenge. boco haram killed 61 people in attacks last week. today's bombings will raise the tensions between muslims and christians in africa's most populous nation. >> the hacking moveme
democrat warns gingerich his past will tore peato his campaign. >>> inside syria, cbs gets an exclusive look at the uprising in the regime. >>> and not too hot, not too cold, astronomers find an earth-like planet not too far away. this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, 011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. and thanks for joining us. we begin with the republican politics and the surging popularity of newt gingerich. he is now leading hits gop rival necessary most polls and says he'll challenge president obama in every state. republican caucus goers in iowa think gingerich has the best chance of defeating the president according to a new cbs news/"new york times" poll out this morning. gingerich campaigned here in new york yesterday and dean reynolds has the details. >> reporter: to those surprised by newt gingerich's rapid rise in the gop field, you can apparently add donald trump. >> it's amazing how will he's doing and how it's resinated with people. >> reporter: surging in the polls, gingerich us
and no weapons were used. some stores were forced to close their doors during the incident. >>> in syria reports this morning government tanks are being pulled. this video taken from a social media website shows the tanks prowling the streets. arab league monitors are on their way to make certain the government complies with a peace plan. activists say government forces have killed hundreds of civilians across syria in recent days. >>> in nigeria at least two suspects are under arrest for the christmas day terror bombings that killed at least 35 people. david martin reports on how africa's most populous nation is struggling with the growing islamist movement. >> reporter: a nigerian newspaper called it the blackest christmas ever. dozens of people killed in the bombings of three christian churches. a radical islamic group popularly known as the nigerian taliban claimed credit for the attacks which marked an especially bloody day in the war against its government, the world's tenth largest oil producer. the nigerian taliban, whose official name boko haram, roughly translates as western education
in january. >>> a lot of finger pointing going on in syria tonight as to who carried out two suicide car bombings that killed more than 40 people. those attacks earlier today were aimed at two government intelligence buildings, state run news blamed al-qaeda. others suspect it was the president's own regime that staged those bombings. members of the free syrian army soldiers who defected from the military are denying any involvement in this. they do admit to other attacks on government forces. >>> it's the stuff nightmares are made of. imagine going under the knife, but the person operating on you isn't a real surgeon. that's what happened in san francisco. a man was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. joe vazquez with the imposter's outrageous bedside manner that gave them away. >> he's not a doctor, but he's in big trouble for acting like one. the district attorney says carlos was running an office called the derma clinic in the 2500 block of mission and while he never said he was a doctor, he pretended to work as one when he performed two illegal procedures. a woman
closed schools. temperatures are expected to ge, >>> still ahead this morning, undercover in syria to see prodemocracy demonstrators battle the regime that killed thousands of it opponents. >>> the battle over new laws to limit abortion in kansas. the lives and issues at stake in this debate. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver pro
. >>> in syria, one of the bloodiest days in the nine-month uprising. in damascus monday, shots rang out and thousands of protesters ran in this video posted online. one person was reported killed, but around the country, more than 100 others died, including at least 70 army defectors. >>> coming up on the morning news, football fans plunged into darkness. break out the cell phone flashlights. >>> plus, the atm where you don't have to pay a fee, but there's a catch. this is the "cbs morning news." there's a catch. this is the "cbs morning news." this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year was great but next year's gonna be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and the water's beautiful. you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. ou
and resign. >> reporter: in the middle east a mass funeral was held in syria for the 44 people killed in that damascus suicide bombings yesterday. it turned into a show of support it turned into a show of support for the president asaad who blamed the bombing al qaeda. the holy land so more than 100,000 pilgrims and tourists crowded into bethlehem's manger square. and at the vatican pope benedict and at the vatican pope benedict lit a can candle in his window. the pope said the simplicity of christ birth is being obscured by christmas. >> axelrod: coming up on tonight's cbsnews. an iraqi translator fearing for his life after the departure of the u.s. troops he helped. >> hi i am tech sergeant onica banks and i want to give a shout-out to my family in san antonio texas. i love you, i miss you, merry christmas, happy holidays. >> axelrod: it didn't take long but within days of the last u.s. troops leaving iraq's a wave of violence swept through baghad this week. at least 16 bombs exploded thursday in shiite neighborhoods, killing about 70 people and wounding another 200. last week we me
, holding talks with turkish leaders on the conflict in syria and iran's nuclear ambitions. biden flew to turkey from iraq and thanks troops for their sacrifice and their work as they prepare to withdrawal. here is jim axelrod reporting from baghdad. >> reporter: at camp victory, the u.s. military headquarters in iraq for nearly nine years, vice president biden paid tribute to the nearly 45,000 troops who lost their lives here and the more than 40,000 wounded. >> because of you and the work of those of you in uniform have done, we are now able to end this war. >> reporter: neither side would call it a handover ceremony, but that's exactly what it was. 13,000 u.s. troops remain in iraq. that number will be zero in three weeks, if the plan holds. the main worry here is that when troops leave, there will be an eruption of violence between sunni and shia arabs. a return to the bloodiest days here. or even worse, a descent to civil war. but mubai is not worried, saying any outbreak of sectarian conflict will not last. >> we have built over the last nine years, good iraqi security forces whi
. the explosions came a day after an advance team of arab league observers arrived in syria to try to resolve the turmoil there. >>> in new zealand, it is shaking today. the city of christchurch isics braking for more aftershocks. there have been two quakes of magnitude 5.8 today plus some smaller quakes, as well. you can see people very shaken up there. about 60 have been treated for minor injuries or emotional difficulties. the city is still recovering from an earthquake that killed 182 people in february. >>> more americans are expected to take long trips for the holidays this season and the american automobile association says 92 million people will take trips of 50 miles or more between today and january 2. that would be an increase of almost 1.5% compared with last year. 90% of those are expected to go by car. says gasoline is more expensive than at this time last year but is less than it was earlier this year. you have to pay at the pump anyway. it's expensive. elizabeth, i hate paying for gas. >> my gaslight is on as we speak as i was driving into work. >> snowflake is on
the arab league arrived in syria today, but there is no letup in the regime's deadly crackdown on dissent. video posted on the internet appears to show syrian tanks rolling into cities that support the uprising against president bashar al assad. a syrian human rights group says 22 civilians were killed just today. shaken by an earthquake. the damage report for the washington monument, next. and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. you spend all day cooking it. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson. >> pelley: wal-mart has pulled some baby formula from more than 3,000 stores. one infant died from a rare bacterial infection in missouri this week after being fed enfamil newborn powdered formula. the bacteria is sometimes found in formula. the manufacturer says that
to assist in the investigation. jeff? >> glor: david, thank you. syria's deadly crackdown against dissidents intensified today even as arab league observers arrived supposedly to help contain the violence. in the city of homs, reports reportsay shelling by government tanks and troops killed at least d people. the regime insists it's fighting armed gangs, not civilians. members of congress are getting richer but the people they represent are not. how a local church revitalized a chmmunity, and clarissa ward takes us to the afghan boarder there the enemy can be hiding just about anywhere when the "cbs evening news" continues. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's really shaping to my body. once they get our bed, they'
the new year in debt. overseas, syria's deadly crackdown on protesters continues despite the presence of arab league officials who were sent to help prevent the violence there. those monitors were caught in the crossfire today when syrian troops opened fire on protesters in homs. angry syrians also showed officials the body of a boy they claim was killed by government forces. in yemen, months of protesting forced president ali abdullah saleh to promise he'll step down in february, but now saleh wants to come to the u.s. his request puts the obama administration in a very tough spot. saleh has been a u.s. ally against al qaeda, but critics charge he's also a brutal dictator with blood on his hands. chip reid is in hawaii tonight where president obama is on vacation. >> reporter: obama administration officials tell cbs news that president saleh's request to come to the u.s. will be granted only if he agrees to a series of conditions: that his visit will be solely for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained in a june assassination attempt; that he will leave the
th striking with deadly force. preeporter: the presence of arab league observers in syria in there in their high- ity velity vests in the video the protesters have been ehooting themselves, seems to have emboldened the movement in north.laces like the city of beib in the north. the crowds appear to be several hundred thousand strong. edt government troops continued prshadow the protesters and the tisualties continue to mount up. shots fired in this damascus fired hit the man taking these sectures. four days into their mission, ave arab league observers have found themselves in the middle argue argument, accused of sticking to a government trranged schedule. the corpse of a victim" they're being told here. "we have to follow our plan," the observers answered. swered.ome are being welcomed as ing ca, doubt is being cast on the mission because many of its members come from countries with questionable human rights emserds themselves. the observers' report is the cted ied in a few days. at will be an indication as to whether this is a serious investigation or serves a
. ♪ >>> there are new anti-government protests in syria, egypt and >>> new anti-protests that began one year ago this weekend. hard to believe it's been a year. >> seriously. began small but sparked a prodemocracy wave that spread throughout the middle east transforming now at least eight countries as elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: more protests, this was a revolution. it swept across the arab world, powered by the pent up anger of millions who were suddenly no longer afraid. >> it's been the most unfortunate period in the history of the arab people throughout the 20th century and into this century. this demonstrated their ability to get brutal dictatorship through several uprisings. >> reporter: those civil uprisings became a tsunami. ro roaring for freedom. first in tunisia and then nearby in the region's most populous country, egypt. ring by the army, the police push back, this is the only place in egypt where there is true freedom of expression. the strong man like egypt's hosni mubarak fought back, but video of the abuse went viral, thanks to computer savvy young activists. those ca
will remain in the hospital for a short period of time. >>> in syria two suicide car bombs ripped through government intelligence buildings in the capital of damascus. at least 44 people are dead and dozens more injured. the explosions gutted buses, cars and the two targeted buildings. state-run news blamed the attacks on al qaeda, other suspects the president's regime could have staged the bombs. there have been growing uprisings against the president for the past nine months. >>> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. if you have a getaway friday plan intact and you're heading to the high sierra, we have no new snow in the forecast through monday. heavenly valley however, they are firing up those machines. plenty of snowmaking overnight as temperatures fall into the single digits. sugar bowl machine groomed packed powder as well and northstar says come on up, they're open from top to bottom skiing. the pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. >>> and monta ellis ends his silence and talks for the first time about the allegations filed against him and she shoots and score
damascus, syria, today. local authorities say at least 40 people were killed. the explosions happened just a day after arab league observers arrived in the country. >>> back here closer to home, it's a huge day for planes, trains and automobiles as the christmas and new year's travel seasons kick in. more people in the u.s. are expected to travel compared with last year. >>> there is a new rebate program for people who install solar systems in marin county. [ echo in the background ] >> the marin energy authority is offering the rebates to its customers. [ laughter ] >> they can get $500 for putting in portable systems in their homes. rebates are offered by marin county and the state of california. if you heard that, i have no idea what that was. >>> we have an emotional plea a sad story from a santa clara woman who says her independence has been stolen an as kiet do reports, the victim's special wheelchair may be difficult to find. >> reporter: it is 3 days before christmas and all kathy jo swift wants is compassion. for the past 7 years she has been getting around on a jazzy pride electr
from cities across syria to allow human rights workers and reporters in. but if syria's government allows that, it may be clearing the way for its own downfall. we've just heard that the observers have finished for the day, so that was a short visit. they are due to be there for a week, but it's not clear how much freedom they're going to have to talk to whoever they would really like to talk to. chris? >> elizabeth palmer, thanks. >> now jeff glor is at the news desk with a check of today's ooth headlines. >> good morning. the h a new survey predicts the u.s. economy about keep getting stronger but will grow slowly. the survey of leading economists forecasts it will grow next year 2.4%. this year it grew less than 2%. it's expected 177,000 jobs a month will be created through election day, but the european debt crisis could still create a setback. >>> for the first time since the summer, more americans approve of the job president obama's doing as opposed to disapprove. mr. obama's approval rating umped to 47%approval rating >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by citibank.
% and rick santorum in third while newt gingrich fades to fourth place. >>> new violence is reported in syria this morning. a human rights group says at least eight people were killed when syrian security forces opened fire on protesters. the >>> up next, banks are not as kind to small businesses as they used to be. >> we are going to take a look at some of the other ways that small businesses can get the start-up cash they need. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you shouldn't just get it fast, you should also get it for free. that's why at h&r block... you could get money that's both fast and free on an emerald card. just bring in your tax information and get a refund anticipation check... in 7-14 days, for up to $9,999. you pay nothing out of pocket. hurry. this offer ends february 4th. why pay for fast money when you can get it for free? call 1-800-hrblock to make an appointment. h&r block. never settle for less. it attends wrap parties... with the crew. there's nothing like the taste of the big mac snack wrap. but hurry. it has places to be. ♪ as a va doctor, i have more time to
policing the border when the economy relied on smuggling from syria. and so they weren't very happy with us. we didn't have a lot of friends. >> reporter: despite successes in the field of battle, the uncertainty of what lies ahead follows many troops home. but opportunity in the form of a college education has led this group of marines to columbia university and is offering ivy league status to students like karim delgado who quit high school and questioned his own academic ability before enlisting in the military. >> it took me a long time to even apply to columbia because i was afraid somewhere deep inside that maybe i wasn't actually good at academics. >> the biggest achallenge is adjusting to this academic environment after not having sat in a classroom since high school. >> we have a large existing community of veterans that goes back a number of years. >> reporter: columbia's dean of admissions is confident veterans in the student body can ex sell in the country's institutions. >> when you're putting together a class and you're thinking about the undergraduate composition, the underg
crude. >>> in syria, in the city of hom homs the center of the ooup rising. new violence broke out in the city of hama. reports of gunfire there. >>> the trial of the former egyptian president hosni mubarak resume this morning. carried to and from the courthouse on a stretcher. mubarak is on trial for murder accused of ordering attacks on protesters earlier this year. he was forced from office in march. >>> a southwest airline jet blew two tires in a boarded takeoff from sacramento, california last night. the boeing 737 was halfway down the runway when the tires blew and the pilot hit the brakes. 137 people were onboard, no one was hurt. >>> a storm system hit the northeast with heavy rain and strong winds. new york's long island the powerful wind sheared off the roof of an airport hangar and a >>> still ahead this morning, is it time for you to run a small business? we'll tell you what you need to think about before becoming your own boss. >>> uproar in israel. harass women and girls and even spitting on them for not following the strictest religious custo
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